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Our Services

Dr Jeri Penkava has over 20 years of general Pediatric experience prior to sub-specializing in Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics.  She provides evaluations, medication management, and alternative therapies for behavior problems including ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities.  She is also a Kundalini yoga teacher, a teacher for the Radiant Child Yoga Program, practices and teaches the Acutonic sound therapy technique, has studied Ayurvedic medicine and incorporates those principles and the blood type diet recommendations in treatment.  She is currently becoming neurofeedback certified and uses biofeedback, relaxation techniques, and hypnotherapy with patients.  She recently became board certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and has opened her practice to adults seeking alternative/complementary medicine for wellness.

William Turner has a wide range of experience as a group counselor,  spiritual advisor and minister, as well as in management.  He currently serves as office manager, provides neurofeedback therapy, and does Acutonic treatments.

Cheryl Camarillo, LCSW. has joined our practice and is available for counseling, neurofeedback, and mind-body groups.

Jennifer Zajac has recently joined our office as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, Acutonics practioner, and serves as our Wellness Coordinator.